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Sinner, O why so thoughtless grown

Poet: John Rippon, 1787
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Sinner, O why so thoughtless grown
Why in such dreadful haste to die;
Daring to leap to worlds unknown,
Heedless against thy God to fly?

Sessions 38t, Stanza 1
Wilt thou despise eternal fate,
Urg’d on by sin’s fantastic dreams,
Madly attempt th’ infernal gate,
And force thy passage thru the flames?

Sessions 38t, Stanza 2
Stay, sinner, on the gospel plains,
Behold the God of love unfold
The glory of His dying pains,
Forever telling, yet untold.

Sessions 38t, Stanza 3

Rippon, John. A Selection Hymns, From the Best Authors, Intended to Be an Appendix to Dr. Watts’ Psalms and Hymns. 14th Edition. London: Printed and published by S.C. Ustick, 1807.