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THE little babe is gone to rest,

Death of an infant.

Poet: Lloyd's The Primitive Hymns, 1858; Thomas Franklin Sanders, 1960
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
THE little babe is gone to rest,
To reign with God for ever blest;
Its little tongue will always praise
A Saviour's love, redeeming grace.

The Christianís Home 37, Stanza 1
Far from a world of sin and strife,
It now enjoys a heavenly life;
And joins to praise, and shout, and sing,
And make the heavenly arches ring.

Could we but hear its little tongue
So sweetly sing the heavenly song;
Could we but see its smiling face,
Delighted with the happy place;

The Christianís Home 37, Stanza 2
We could not wish it back again,
But say, dear babe, with God remain;
We'll try to gain that peaceful shore,
Where those who meet shall part no more.

The Christianís Home 37, Stanza 3
Now let us strive the prize to gain;
Let's come to Christ, with him remain;
Then we shall share in Jesus' love,
And meet the little babe above.

Lloyd, Benjamin. The Primitive Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Sacred Poems, Regularly Selected, Classified and Set in Order, and Adapted to Social Singing and All Occasions of Divine Worship. Greenville, Ala.: Published for the Proprietor, 1858.