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The Lord into his Garden come,

The Day of Grace.

Poet: The Christians Duty, 1801
Meter: Common Particular Meter (8,8,6,8,8,6)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
The Lord into his Garden come,
The Spices yield a rich Perfume,
The Lillies grow and thrive:
Refreshing Show'rs of Grace divine
From Jesus flow to ev'ry Vine,
And makes the Dead revive.

Nashville 64, Stanza 1

Refreshing Showers (Nashville) 64, Stanza 1
O that this dry and barren Ground
In Springs of Water may abound,
A fruitful Soil become.
The Desert blossom as the Rose,
When Jesus conquers all his Foes,
And makes his People One.

Nashville 64, Stanza 2

Refreshing Showers (Nashville) 64, Stanza 2
The glorious Time is rolling on,
The gracious Work is now begun;
My Soul a Witness is,
I taste and see the Pardon free,
For all Mankind, as well as me,
Who comes to Christ may live.

Nashville 64, Stanza 4

The worst of Sinners here may find
A Sav'our pitiful and kind:
Who will them all receive.
None are too late who will repent;
Out of one Sinner Legion's went.
The Lord did him relieve.

Come brethren, you that love the Lord,
And taste the Sweetness of his Word;
In Jesu's Way go on,
Our Troubles and our Trials here,
Will only make us richer there,
When we arrive at Home.

Nashville 64, Stanza 3

I feel that Heav'n is now begun,
It issues from the sparkling Throne;
From Jesu's Throne on High.
It comes like Flood's, we can't contain,
We drink, and drink, and drink again;
And yet we still are dry.

But when we come to reign above,
And all surround a Throne of Love,
We'll drink a full supply.
Jesus will lead his Armies through,
To living Fountains where they flow,
That never will run dry.

Tis there we'll Reign, and Shout, and Sing,
And make the upper Regions ring;
When all the saints get home.
Come on, come on! my Brethren dear,
Soon we shall meet together there:
For Jesus bids us come.

Amen! Amen! my Soul replies,
I'm bound to meet you in the Skies,
And claim my Mansions sure.
Now here's my Heart, and here's my Hand,
To meet you in the heav'nly Land,
Where we shall part no more.

The Christians Duty, Exhibited in a Series of Hymns, Collected from Various Authors, Designed for the Worship of God, and for the Edification of Christians, Recommended, to the Serious of All Denominations, by the Fraternity of Baptists. Second Ed., Improved. Germantown, Pa.: Printed by Peter Leibert, 1801.