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íTIS my desire with God to walk,

The Christianís Desire.

Poet: Edward Trivett, c1772; Alt. Purifyís Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1823
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
íTIS my desire with God to walk,
And with his children pray and talk;
Thoí I should persecuted be,
Jesus did suffer so for me.

Desire For Piety 76b, Stanza 1 (Lines 1 & 2)

Desire for Piety 76b, Stanza 1 (Lines 1 & 2)
íTis my desire baptisíd to be,
As a command, O Lord, from thee;
To be baptisíd like Christ my God,
Who was immersíd in Jordanís flood.

íTis my desire around thy board,
To meet the saints my dearest Lord,
In union with thy church to be,
And oft commune with them and thee.

íTis my desire with saints to meet,
And wash thy dear disciplesí feet;
To do as Jesus Christ my Lord,
Has bid me in his holy word.

íTis my desire to bear the cross,
And yield to all my Saviourís laws.
To follow where my Jesus leads,
In all his words, in all his deeds.

íTis my desire to flee from sin,
And ever keep my conscience clean;
For Christ to count all things but loss,
And glory in my Saviourís cross.

íTis my desire to watch and pray,
And serve the Lord from day to day,
To own that Jesus is my King,
And yield to him in every thing.

íTis my desire above the rest,
Like John to lean on Jesusí breast;
To live as I would wish to die,
And then to dwell with God on high.

Desire for Piety 76b, Stanza 2 (Lines 1 & 2)

This hymn poem is a rewritten variation of íTis my Desire with God to walk,, written by Edward Trivett in c1772.
Purify, John. A Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs in Two Parts. Raleigh: Printed by J. Gales & Son, 1831.