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íTis Religion that can give,

The Pleasures of Religion.

Poet: Mary Masters, 1755
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,7,7,7,7,7
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
íTis Religion that can give,
Sweetest Pleasures while we live;
íTis Religion must supply,
Solid Comforts when we die,
After Death its Joys will be,
Lasting as Eternity.

Rippon's Selection took this poem in 1804, and added two additional lines making it hymn poem with 2-stanzas with four lines each, íTIS religion that can give,.
Masters, Mary. Familiar Letters and Poems on Several Occasions. London: Printed for the author, by D. Henry and R. Cave, 1755.