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Ye weary, heavy laden'd souls,

The Zion Traveller—Tune, Bold Pilgrim

Poet: John Adam Granade, 1804
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Ye weary, heavy laden'd souls,
Who are oppressed and sore;
Ye travellers thro' the wilderness
To Canaan's peaceful shore;
Thro' chilling winds and beating rains,
And waters deep and cold,
And enemies surrounding you-
Take courage and be bold.

The Weary Soul 72t, Stanza 1

The Weary Souls 83b, Stanza 1
Tho' storms and hurricanes arise
The desert all around,
And fiery serpents oft appear
Thro' the enchanted ground;
Dark nights, and clouds, and gloomy fear,
And dragons often roar;
But while the gospel trump we hear,
We'll press for Canaan's shore.

We're often like the lonesome dove,
Who mourns her absent mate,
From hill to hill, from vale to vale,
Her sorrows to relate.
But Canaan's land is just before,
Sweet spring is coming on;
A few more beating winds and rains
And winter will be gone.

Sometimes like mountains to the sky,
Black Jordan's billows roar;
Which often make the pilgrims fear
They never will get o'er.
But let us gain Mount Pisgah's top,
And view the vernal plain,
To fright our souls may Jordan roar,
And Hell my rage in vain.

Methinks I now begin to see
The borders of that land,
The trees of like with Heav'nly fruit,
In beauteous order stand.
The wint'ry time is past and gone,
Sweet flowers do appear;
The fiftieth year has now roll'd round
The great Sabbattic year.

O! what a glorious sight appears
To my believing eyes.
Methinks I see Jerusalem,
A city in the skies!
Bright angels whisp'ring me away,
O! come my brother come;
And I am willing to be gone
To my eternal home.

By faith I see my gracious God,
On his eternal throne,
At his right hand the loving Lamb,
The spirit three in one.
O! that my faith was strong to rise
And bear my soul away;
I'd shout salvation to the Lamb,
In one eternal day.

Farewell, my brethren in the Lord,
Who are for Canaan bound;
And should we never meet again,
Till Jubil's trump shall sound,
I hope that I shall meet you there,
On that delightful shore,
In oceans of eternal bliss,
Where parting is no more.

The Weary Soul 72t, Stanza 2

The Weary Souls 83b, Stanza 2

Hinde, Thomas S. The Pilgrim's Songster; or, a Choice Collection of Spiritual Songs, From the Best Authors, with Many Original Pieces, Never Before in Print. Chillicothe, Ohio: Printed at the Freedonian Press for the proprietor, 1815.