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Young people, all, attention give,

Invitation to Youth.

Poet: Hall’s New Collection, 1804
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Young people, all, attention give,
And here what I do say,
I want your souls with Christ to live,
In everlasting day.

Liverpool 37b, Stanza 1

Entreaty (Liverpool) 29b, Stanza 1
Remember you are hast’ning on,
To Death’s dark gloomy shade,
Your joys on earth will soon be gone,
Your flesh in dust be laid.

Liverpool 37b, Stanza 2

Entreaty (Liverpool) 29b, Stanza 2
Death’s iron gate our must pass through,
Ere long my dear young friends;
Where then do you expect to go,
Where will your souls then land?

Pray meditate, before too late,
While in a gospel land,
Behold king Jesus at the gate,
Most lovingly doth stand.

Young man, how can you turn your face,
From such a glorious friend,
Will you pursue the dangerous road,
O! don’t you see the end?

Will you pursue the dangerous road?
It leads to Death and Hell.
Will you refuse all peace with God,
With Devils for to dwell?

Young people, all, I pray then view,
The fountain open’d wide,
The spring of life open for you,
It flow’d from Jesus’s side.

Hall, S. A New collection of the most approved hymns and spiritual songs: mostly original: for the use of Christians of all denominations. Newbern, North Carolina: Printed for and sold by S. Hall, 1804.