2012 Cooper Book Revision

Revision Changes from the 2006 to the 2012 Revision

Added Tunes

Tune Page Composer Date
Every Grace 590 David Wright 1999
Gosia 589 Steve Helwig 2011
Mars Hill Morning 195 Clarke Lee 2005
National Blessings (A Glimpse of Thee) 594 Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 2009
Nightfall 269 Charlie Obert 2009
North Jersey 504b Aldo Thomas Cesera 2008
Peterborough 504t Ralph Harrison 1786
Rest for the Soul 520 Bill Hogan 2009
Savannah 583 William Billings 1778
Sweet Reunion 591 Mary Whitehurst 2009
Tallahassee 516 Morgan Bunch 2006
Travelers RestóSamson 586 Timothy Gilmore 1999
Wells Second 581 David Wright 2001
Wiley 514 Robert L Vaughn 2011

Tunes that have relocated to a different page in the book

Tune Old Page New Page
Godís Wondrous Love 504 578
I Love to Sing of Jesus 514 584
Iím On My Journey Home 393b 207t
Long Ago, Comrades 520 582
Martin 451 107
Nearer, My God, To Thee (Bethany) 488b 587
Rock of Ages (Toplady) 107t 451
The Gates of Paradise 516 580
The Gospel Feast 498b 585
The Judgement 269 592
Worchester 195 588


None of the tunes found in the 2006 Revison were deleted for the 2012 Revision. There was, however, poetry (4 verses) that was located on the bottom of 107 that was not set to music. The poetry begins, "Jesus, lover of my soul," which is the same poetry that is set with the tune Martin (located on page 451 in the 2006 and previous revisions with only the first verse). All four verses has now been placed with tune Martin, and is now located on page 107.

This report does not include verses that have been added or removed.

Last Revised 4/5/2021