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The Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition Online Index

This index contains the lyrics of all songs in The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Revision).

You may look up any song by title, page number, first line, composer, poet, or meter.

You may also look up words or verses using the word index.

Pardon Our Dust
Please Note: The word index is still under construction.
*The word index is currently not available for the songs on page 195 and above.

Copyright Notice: Most lyrics in this index are in the public domain. In the few cases of lyrics written by modern-day poets, unless otherwise noted, the copyright is held by The Sacred Harp Book Company, Samson, Alabama, which has graciously granted permission to publish the material online.

This index looks best with browsers that support tables. However, it is intended to work with all browsers. If your browser does not support tables and you experience trouble viewing the pages in this index, please send mail to the address below.

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Compiler: Gaylon L. Powell with the valuable assistance by John and Susan Kerr, Joshua Martin, Pete Mathewson, Kristie Powell, Robert Vaughn, and Lindsey Wiggins

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