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The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book) Page Number Index

27 Bethel
28t Will Guide Us Till We Die (Aylesbury)
28b Life Is the Time to Serve the Lord (Wells)
29t Come, Humble Sinner (Fairfield)
29b Entreaty (Liverpool)
30t Rochester
30b Prospect
31t Ninety-Third Psalm
31b Come, We That Love the Lord (Webster)
32t Iím Not Ashamed of Jesus (Corinth)
32b Weeping Saviour
33 Gathering Home
34 Gone to a Better World
35 Augusta
36t America
36b Ninety-Fifth Psalm
37 The Christianís Home
38t Sessions
38b The Road to Life and Death (Windham)
39 Eden of Love
40 Blow Ye the Trumpet (Lenox)
41 Poyner
42 Social Band (Clamanda)
43 The Hope of Heaven (Primrose Hill)
44 The Converted Thief
45t Amazing Grace (New Britain)
45b Supplication
46 The Fountain of Life
47t Salvation, O the Joyful Sound (Primrose)
47b Idumea
48t Devotion
48b Thou Man of Grief (Kedron)
49t Old Hundred
49b Will God Forever Cast Us Off? (Mear)
50t Consolation
50b Distress
51 My Home (Lisbon)
52t Albion
52b Prayer of Bartimeus (Charlestown)
53 Jerusalem
54t Palmetto
54b Farewell, My Brethren (Imandra New)
55 Shall We Know Each Other There?
56 Salem
57 Am I a Soldier of the Cross? (Christian Soldier)
58 Pisgah
59t Lord Revive Us (Holy Manna)
59b Holy Manna
60 Saints Bound for Heaven
61 Sweet Rivers
62 Parting Hand
63 Coronation
64 Refreshing Showers (Nashville)
65 Sweet Prospect
66 Security
67 Columbus
68t Do Not I Love Thee (Detroit)
68b Come Holy Spirit (Abbeville)
69 Ministerís Farewell
70t Gainsville
70b Evening
71 My Soul Forsakes Her Vain Delight (Leander)
72 Firm Foundation (Bellevue)
73t Show Pity, Lord (Cusseta)
73b Soldiers of Christ (Arlington)
74t The Inquirer
74b Solid Comfort (King of Peace)
75 I Would See Jesus
76t Holiness
76b Desire for Piety
77t The Child of Grace
77b The Saviourís Word (Talbotton)
78 Calvary
79 The Old Ship of Zion
80t Shouting Song
80b Service of the Lord
81 Jesus Is Willing (Beach Spring)
82 Bound for Canaan
83t Vale of Sorrow
83b The Weary Souls
84 The Crucified Saviour
85 The Morning Trumpet
86 Guiding Spirit
87 Sweet Canaan
88t Done With the World
88b Mount Zion
89 The Churchís Desolation
90 Arise and Pray (Look Out)
91 Assurance
92 The Glorious Light of Zion (Burk)
93 Frozen Heart
94 My Sands of Life (Mulberry Grove)
95t Farewell, Vain World
95b The Christianís Love
96 Mercy Seat
97 Gone to Heaven
98 Glory Shone Around
99 Gospel Trumpet
100 The Bower of Prayer
101t Canaanís Land
101b Holy City
102 Fulfillment
103 Animation
104 The Lovely Story
105t Saint Paul
105b Turn, Sinner, Turn
106 Ecstacy
107 Martin
108t Weeping Sinners
108b The Traveler
109 Carnsville
110 Mount Vernon
111t Journey Home
111b To Die No More
112 The Last Words of Copernicus
113 The Prodigal Son
114t Edmonds
114b Fallen by the Way
115 The Midnight Cry
116 I Will Shout and Sing in Glory
117 Timmons
118 Sounding Joy
119 Heavenís My Home
120 The Lord Jehovah Reigns (Chambers)
121 Florence
122 All Is Well
123t The Dying Christian
123b Cross of Christ
124t Heavenly Land
124b The Dying Minister
125 Expression
126 Babelís Streams
127 Green Fields
128 The Promised Land
129 Heavenly Armor
130 Millennium
131t Messiah
131b Invocation
132 Evening Shade
133 John 4:14
134 The Christianís Hope
135 Olney
136 Morality
137 Liberty
138t Song to the Lamb
138b Ogletree
139 Elysian
140 Chicago
141 Complainer
142 Stratfield
143 Playelís Hymn Second
144 Jubilee
145t Streams of Mercy (Warrenton)
145b The Childís Prayer (Sweet Affliction)
146 Hallelujah
147 Washington
148 Jefferson
149 The Trumpet
150 The Spiritual Sailor
151 Symphony
152 Bruceís Address
153 Come and Go with Me to Heaven
154t Holy Land
154b Eden
155 How Long, Dear Saviour (Northfield)
156 San Diego
157 How We Grovel Here Below (Zynder-Zee)
158 Funeral Thought
159 Wondrous Love
160 A Crown of Life for Me
161 Sweet Home
162 Hark! from the Tomb (Plenary)
163t Morning
163b Marysville
164 Duane Street
165 Family Bible
166 Joyful
168 Cowper
169 Dartmouth
170 Exhilaration
171 Exhortation
172 Harmony
173 To Thee Will I Direct My Prayer (Phoebus)
174 Gospel Message
175 Star in the East
176t Ragan
176b The Good Physician
177 Jesus Loves to Answer Prayer
178 Hosanna
179 The Christian Warfare
180 A Place for Children
181 The Gospel Invitation
182 Newburgh
183 Arbacoochee
184t Will You Come?
184b Tribulation
185 Pilgrimís Farewell
186 Sherburne
187 The Christianís Race
188 Spring
189 Montgomery
191 Jesus Is Winning Souls (Essay)
192 Schenectady
193 Huntington
195 Mars Hill Morning
196 Alabama
197 Edwards
198 Jesus Saves (Raymond)
199 City of Light
200 With Songs and Honors (Edom)
201 Pilgrim
202 New Lebanon
203 Florida
204 Mission
205 Pleasant Hill
206 Come, Friends, Go With Me
207t Iím On My Journey Home
207b Passing Away
208 Little Songs and Little Ways (Louisiana)
209 Sing His Praise
210 Minnesota
211 Whitestown
212 Sharon
213 The Good Old Way
214 Repentance
215 New Topia
216 Delight
217 Great God, Attend (Ballstown)
218 Mount Pleasant
220 Mount Zion
222 Ocean
223 Portuguese Hymn
224 Save, Lord, or We Perish
225t Newry
225b Christmas Anthem
227 Baptismal Anthem
229 The Great Roll Call
230 Reverential Anthem
232 The Crucifixion
235 The Resurrection (Easter Anthem)
239 Davidís Lamentation
240 The Christianís Song
242 Newton
243t Yarbrough
243b To Thee I Call (Hingham)
244 Joyful News (Resignation)
245 Vital Spark (Claremont)
250 Heavenly Vision
254 Rose of Sharon
260 Farewell Anthem
263 Beautiful Home
264t Great God, Attend (Duke Street)
264b Hebron
265t Restoration New
265b Eternal Spirit (Uxbridge)
266t O Happy Day (Rockingham)
266b Lebanon New
267t Sacred Stream
267b Hedgeburg
268t Restoration
268b Texas
269 Nightfall
270 Confidence
271t Safety
271b Come On, My Friends
272 Exhortation
273 Marthasville
274t The Golden Harp
274b Baldwin
275t Loving-Kindness
275b Roll On
276 Bridgewater
277 Antioch
278t Sweet Heaven
278b Traveling Pilgrim
279 Cross for You and Me
280 Vain World, Be Gone (Westford)
282 Iím Going Home
283t How Sweet the Name (Ortonville)
283b Am I a Soldier? (Ortonville)
284 The Christianís Rest
285t Arnold
285b Land of Rest
286t Saintís Request
286b Melody
287 Cambridge
288 White
289 Greensborough
290 Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed (Victoria)
291 Shepherds, Rejoice
292t Happy Day
292b The Wonder
293t Ballerma
293b Saint Thomas
294 Never Part
295 The Sinner Must Be Born Again (Ganges)
296 Sardinia
297 Conversion
298 Providence
299 New Jerusalem
300 Calvary
301 Godís Promise
302 Greenland
303 The Fountain (Sincerity)
304 Morgan
306 News From the Regions of the Skies (Oxford)
308 Parting Friends
309 Living Lamb
310 The Weeping Saviour
311 Silver Street
312 Sing to Me of Heaven
313 Concord
314 Amherst
315 Worlds Above
316 Blessed Thought
318 Morning Meditation
319 Religion Is a Fortune
320 The Lost City
321 Manís Redemption
322 Soon We Shall Land on Canaanís Shore (Autauga)
323t Mullins
323b Soft Music
324 Northport
325 The Cause of Christ
326 Weary Pilgrim
327 Hatfield
328 Thereís a Great Day Coming
329 Vain World, Adieu!
330t Love Divine
330b Sacred Music
331t The Fatherís Boundless Love (Columbiana)
331b Mercy, O Thou Son of David (Villulia)
332 Sons of Sorrow
333 Family Circle
334 O Come Away!
335 Return Again
336t Hester
336b Haw Ridge
337 Mercyís Free
338 Rise to the Mansions of Glory
339 When I Am Gone
340 The Rock That Is Higher Than I
341 The Lone Pilgrim (The White Pilgrim)
342 Fountain of Life
343 Long Sought Home
344 Weíll Meet Beyond the Grave
345t Jesus Is My Friend
345b Weíll Meet Over There (Golden Streets)
346 My Happy Home
347 It Is a Wonder If I Am Saved (íTis Wonder)
348t Happy Land
348b Blessed Forever
350 The Red Sea Anthem
355 Hinder Me Not
356 Cheves
357 Godís Eternal (Complaint)
358 Murilloís Lesson
359 Prosperity
360 The Royal Band
361 Loving Jesus
362 The Lordís Promise
363 I Have No Mother Now
364 Greenland
365 Southwell
367 Dear Name! The Rock on Which I Stand
368t Remember Me
368b Newman
369 Send a Blessing
370 Monroe
371 Heavenly Dove (Turner)
372 Mount Pleasant
373 Weeping Peter
374 O Sing With Me!
375 Love the Lord
376 Help Me to Sing
377t Happy Home
377b Parting Friends
378t The Heavenly Port
378b Eureka
379 Span of Life
380t Nettie
380b Humble Pleadings
381t Never Turn Back
381b The Surrender
382 The Cleansing Fountain
383 Eternal Day
384 Longing for Heaven (Panting for Heaven)
385t Fight On
385b Asleep in Jesus
386 Carry Me Home
387 Penick
388 The Happy Sailor
389t Saint Peters
389b The Sky
390 New Prospect
391 The Royal Invitation
392 Little Pilgrim
393 Iím Wandering To and Fro
394 Messiahís Praise
395t Can I Leave You?
395b Fleeting Days
396 Look to Jesus, Weary One
397 Weíll Soon Be There
398t Farewell to All
398b The Dying Californian
399 The Dying Boy
400 Struggle On
401 Cuba
402 Protection
403 Heavenly Rest
404 He Died on the Cross
405 Children of the Heavenly King (The Marcellas)
406 New Harmony
407 Charlton
408 Weeping Mary
409 Promised Day
410 Willie
411 The Finest Flower
412 New Hosanna
413 The Loved Ones
414 Morning Sun
416t My Native Land
416b Vernon
417 Weeping Pilgrim
418 Rees
419 Melancholy Day
420 Religion Is Sweet
421 Sweet Morning
422t A Song of Texas
422b The Grieved Soul
423 Grantville
424 Sweet Union
425 Golden Streets
426t Dumas
426b The Time is Rolling On (Shiloah)
427 Babylon is Fallen
428 World Unknown
429 Christianís Delight
430 Land of Rest
431 New Bethany
432 The Heavenly Mansion
433 Rejoice
434 Thus Will I Sing (Fillmore)
435 Sacred Rest
436t Humble Penitent
436b The Infant Request
437 Ester
438t Missouri
438b Jewett
439 Adoration
440t Shady Grove
440b Sharpsburg
441 The Saintís Delight
442t Blooming Youth
442b Pickardís Hymn
443 Beatrice
444t The Gospel Pool
444b The Teacherís Farewell
445t Hill of Zion
445b My Last Moments
446t Sharonís Lovely Rose
446b Charming Sound
447t Boylston
447b Laban
448 I Love Thy Kingdon
449 Beautiful River
450 Leaning on Jesusí Breast
451 Rock of Ages (Toplady)
452 Elder
453t Clark
453b Highlands of Heaven
454 The Blessed Lamb
455t Vesper
455b Still Better
456 Almighty Father
457 Zionís Ship
458 Friendship
459 Tolling Bell
460 My Soul Abounds with Joy
461 Let Us Sing
462 Fatherland
463 Angel Band (Land of Beulah)
464 Hocutt
465 Trusting
466 The Christianís Flight
467 Pray, Brethren, Pray
468 Sweet Thought
469 Winning Souls
470 There We Our Jesus Shall Adore (Sardis)
471 Come On, My Fellow Pilgrims
472 The Sinnerís Friend
473 Jesus Rose
474 Rest for the Weary
475 Lover of the Lord
476 At the Golden Gates
477 Let the Saints Appear
478 March On
479 Behold A Sinner
480 Leaning on Jesusí Breast No. 2
482 Amazing Love
483 Where the Saints Are Passing Over
484 My Country íTis of Thee (America)
485 Christ Jesus Died for Sinners
486 No Night on That Golden Shore
488 Unity
489 Cooper (Jordan)
490 Canaanís Peaceful Shore
491 Closer Walk With God
492 The Poor, Wayfaring Stranger (Wayfaring Stranger)
493 Where Heavenly Joy Imparts
494 If Christ Be in My Arms (Grafton)
495 A Nearness to God (Eliza)
496t We Shall Meet Again
496b The Masterís Call
497 The Bitter Cup
498 The Living Stone
499 Where Love In Glory Shines
500 Sweet By and By
501 That Beautiful Land
502 Wilson
503 That Beautiful Land On High
504t Peterborough
504b North Jersey
505 Cleansing Fountain
506 The Orphan Girl
507t Jackson
507b The Glory of the Cross
508 Amsterdam
509 We Are Going Home
510 Miller
511t Brown
511b Jesus Died for Me
512 Oh, How Wonderful!
513t The Christianís Desire (Avon)
513b Whosoever Will
514 Wiley
515 When the Lord Shall Come for Me
516 Tallahassee
517 Weíll Wear a Crown
518 Love At Home
519 My Motherís Gone
520 Rest for the Soul
521 A Golden Crown to Wear
522 Shades of Night
524 My Home Above
526 Heavenly Joy
527 Heavenly Grace
528t The Gospel Sound
528b Peaceful Shore
529 When Jesus Calls
530 Godís Unchanging Hand
532 O Jesus, Ever with Us Stay
533 Thy Love Proclaim
534 The Saints Will Be Gathered There
535t Kelley
535b Take Me Home
536 Thy Love (North Salem)
537 Praise the Lord
538 Praising Jesus
539 Bidding Farewell to Loved Ones
540 She Is Sleeping
541 Iím Going Home to Die No More
542 The Judgment Day
543 Consecration
544 My Eternal Home (Home)
545 I Have a Precious Friend
546 Farther On
547 All Is Peace and Love
548 The God of Love
549 That Sweet Home
550 Gone Home
551 World Above
552 And Live Through Endless Day
553 The Hill of Zion
554 Where the Soul Shall Never Die
555 Praise the Redeemer (New Hope)
556 A Prayerful Heart
557 Jordanís Banks
558 Iíll Praise My Master
559 Will You Meet Me?
560 Singing As I Go
561 Calling Me
562 On To Calvary
563 Jesus Is Mine
564 Sweet Home
565 Marching to That Home
566 O Blessed Day
567 Child of Thine
568 Gone to Rest
569 He Leads Me All the Way
570 Our King Above the Sky
571 Not Made With Hands
572 We Will Sing with Angels There
573 Trusting Jesus
574 Sweet Peace
575 Davis (Lonsdale)
576 Allen
577 Forever Blest
578 Godís Wondrous Love
580 The Gates of Paradise
581 Wells Second
582 Long Ago, Comrades
583 Savannah
584 I Love to Sing of Jesus
585 The Gospel Feast
586 Travelerís RestóSamson
587 Nearer, My God, To Thee (Bethany)
588 Worchester
589 Gosia
590 Every Grace
591 Sweet Reunion
592 The Judgment
594 National Blessings (Glimpse of Thee, A)