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A Place for Children 180

Tune: L. B. Herr, 1877; Arranged by J. D. Compton, 1907
Lyrics: L. B. Herr, 1877
Meter: Particular Meter: 11,9,12,9
Thereís a place for children in the singing school
To improve all their bright Sabbath days;
It is there we should gather when the Sabbath comes,
And to Jesus, our Savior, give praise.


Then sing, O sing!
We will sing, we will sing, we will sing,
We will sing, we will sing,
We will sing in the singing school.

We will sing to Jesus, who has died for us,
And has gone to prepare us a home;
Unto Him we should ever our praises sing,
While here in this world we roam.


And ítis while weíre singing that our thotís will turn
To the beautiful, true and the good;
And ítis music, sweet music, that our souls will cheer,
While feasting on heavenly food.