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The Christian Warfare 179

Tune: Southern Harmony, 1835
Alto: Miss Minnie Floyd, 1902
Lyrics: Southern Harmony, 1835
Meter: 12s,11s Double (12,11,12,11,12,11,12,11)
I find myself placed in a state of probation,
Which God has commanded us well to improve;
And I am resolved to regard all His precepts,
And on in the way of obedience to move.
I know I must go thru great tribulation,
And many sore conflicts on every hand;
But grace will support and comfort my spirit,
And I shall be able forever to stand.

And more than exemption from fighting and hardship,
My gracious Redeemer will grant unto me;
A portion of bliss He has promised to give me,
And true to that promise He surely will be.
Yes, I shall receive and always inherit
A happy reception and truly divine,
For which all the praise and glory, my Savior,
Are due unto Thee, and shall ever be Thine.