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We Are Going Home 509

Tune: Thomas Jefferson Allen, 1907
Alto: Maud Lee Allen, 1907
Lyrics: Thomas Jefferson Allen, 1907
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
When I am called by death to go,
Where sin can never come,
From this dark world of sin and woe,
The Christian's happy home.


We're going home to die no more,
Where clouds can never come,
To meet with loved ones gone before,
To that celestial home.

In that bright land of rest and peace,
I'll join the angel band,
And rest and joy shall never cease,
I'll sing at God's right hand.


O land of light, O land of love,
To thee I long to go,
To dwell with Jesus there above,
And sing forever more.


There we shall meet to part no more,
Be free from ev'ry care,
We'll shout and sing around God's throne,
With all our loved ones there.