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Miller 510

Tune: Wilson Marion Cooper, 1909
Meter: Particular Meter: 9,9,9,7
Jesus paid the debt on Calvary,
Jesus paid the debt for you and me;
Savior, in our hearts do Thou abide,
Savior, fill our hearts with praise.


Jesus died on Calvary,
Jesus paid the debt for me,
He alone can make me free,
O halle, hallelujah

Teach us how to do Thy holy will,
On the cross I see Thy bleeding side,
How my heart abounds with joy to know,
Jesus paid the debt for me.


Now rejoice, go tell the news abroad,
Jesus is the bleeding sacrifice,
Sinner, list, O list, yes, list today,
Sinner, come without delay.

Dedicated to Prof. John W. Miller of Athens, Texas.