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Greenland 364

Tune: William H. Swan, 1848
Lyrics: Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony, 1825
Meter: 7s,6s (7,6,7,6)
Why should I be affrighted
At pestilence and war,
The fiercer be the tempest,
The sooner it is o’er.

With Jesus in the vessel,
The billows rise in vain,
They only will convey me
To yon Elysian plains.

This world is full of dangers,
And foes that press me hard;
But Jesus He has promised
That He will be my guard.

Here I shall not be tempted
Above what I can bear,
When frightings are exerted,
His kingdom for to share.

From Him I have my orders,
And while I do obey,
I find His Holy Spirit
Illuminates my way.

The way is so delightful,
I wish to travel on,
’Till I arrive at heaven
T’receive a starry crown.