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I Have No Mother Now 363

Tune: John Wesley Miller, 1909
Lyrics: John Wesley Miller, 1909
Meter: 7s,6s Double (7,6,7,6,7,6,7,6)
I hear the soft winds sighing
Among the boughs that wave,
Beneath is mother lying
So quiet in her grave.
Unbidden tears have started,
As by the mound I bow,
I think of when we parted—
I have no mother now.


She’s gone from earth to heaven,
She’s gone away, I have no mother now.

The pale moon shines so faintly,
Yet I in fancy see
Her face, so pure and saintly,
As when she smiled on me.
Although she’s safe in glory,
Yet care beclouds my brow,
There’s sorrow in my story—
I have no mother now.


I feel so very lonely,
The future seems so drear,
My dear Redeemer only
Can make the pathway clear.
Of wounds, past mortal healing,
There’s few like this I trow;
This sad, heartbroken feeling—
I have no mother now.

John Wesley Miller, of Athens, Texas, wrote this song on September 20, 1909.