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The Red Sea Anthem 350

Tune: Benjamin Franklin White, 1850
Alto: Miss Minnie Floyd, 1902
Meter: Prose
The Lord spoke unto Moses saying,
Sanctify unto me all the first-born.
And Moses said unto the people,
Remember this day in which you came out of Egypt;
Out of the house of bondage, by the strong hand of the Lord.
And Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, was loth to let them go.
And when we had let them go,
God, by his servant Moses, led them towards the Red Sea through the wilderness;
And Pharaoh, the king, pursued them in the anger of an enemy,
With all the hosts of Egypt array’d in army form;
But the Lord was with Moses and his chosen race,
And led them safely on,
And enabled them to make their escape from the hands of the king.
And when they arrived at the Red Sea,
The Lord commanded Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea.
And Moses obey’d the Lord,
And the waters were roll’d back and became a wall on either side,
And the children of Israel pass’d through on dry land.
And Pharaoh, the king, attempted to pursue,
With all his army;
And when they entered into the deep the waters returned and buried them all in the depth of the sea.
Then Moses and his people stood on the banks of the sea and shouted,
“Glory to God in the highest!
Glory and honor, power and blessing, be unto His name forever and ever!”
This anthem was composed by B. F. White about 1850, for the first appendix of The Sacred Harp of White & King.