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Blessed Forever 348b

Tune: Eld. John W. Parker, 1902; Arranged by Miss Leila Underwood, 1902
Lyrics: Eld. John W. Parker, 1902
Meter: Particular Meter: 10,8,11,9
I sometimes think itís too good to be true,
When they talk of life's fair river;
Of a land that's so bright, where there is no night
In that beautiful, that blest forever.


No matter what the world says,
No matter for its frowns,
No matter for its storms, no, never,
If to Jesus you are true
There's a glory waits for you
In that beautiful, that blest forever.

I sometimes wish, when I am weary and sad,
That the golden gates were nearer;
But I know that I can wait, for a joy that's so great,
For I know that the crown will be dearer.

Eld. John W. Parker, of Ozark, Alabama, was "a Primitive Baptist minister of considerable influence and ability."