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Travelerís RestóSamson 586

Tune: Timothy Gilmore, 1999
Lyrics: John Newton Merritt, 2010
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
While travíling down lifeís weary road,
I often turn aside
In answer to my Masterís call,
He says ďCome rest, abide.Ē
He sets me by a cooling stream,
To rest in Edenís shade,
And wipes this dusty pilgrimís feet,
If I have but obeyed.

And countless days of mirth Iíve spent,
And sweet has been the wine,
While travíling thru this world below,
My will suborned to thine.
His own soft hand shall dry my tears,
And hold me to his breast,
Then take me homeward thru the skies,
Unto the travlerís rest.
Dedicated to the Densmores, Chris and Laura, of Pennsylvania, for years of hospitality extended to Traveling Singers.