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Unity 488

Tune: Miss Maggie Street, 1877
Lyrics: William Hunter, 1843
Meter: 7,7,7,5 Double (7,7,7,5,7,7,7,5)
Firmly, brethren, firmly stand,
All united heart and hand,
One unbroken valiant band,
Dauntless, brave and true.
Lift your standard, hoist it high,
Raise the singers' battle cry;
Christ, your glorious Leader, nigh,
Calls to victory.

Once our fathers “freedom” cried,
“Victory or death betide:”
But with Jesus on our side,
Death and vict'ry, too.
There to die, the battle won,
There to fall, the warfare done,
Glory brighter than the sun,
Then our promised due.
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