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No Night on That Golden Shore 486

Tune: Aldine Silliman Kieffer, 1874
Lyrics: Charles Wesley
Meter: 8s Double (8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8)
O when shall we sweetly remove,
O when shall we enter our rest,
Return to the Zion above,
The mother of spirits distressed?
That City of God, the great King,
Where sorrow and death are no more,
Where saints our Immanuel sing,
And cherubs and seraphs adore.


There is no night on that golden shore;
There we shall suffer and sigh no more;
There shall the weary be ever blest,
Singing glad songs in the land of rest.

But angels themselves cannot tell
The joy of that holiest place,
Where Jesus is pleas'd to reveal
The light of His heavenly face;
When caught in the rapturous flame,
The sight beatific they prove;
And walk in the light of the Lamb,
Enjoying the beams of His love.